Our comprehensive CPaaS solutions are tailored to enhance communication, patient engagement, and operational efficiency within healthcare organizations.

With our advanced solutions, we aim to bridge communication gaps and contribute to the overall well-being of patients and healthcare providers informed with critical and essential updates.

Among our clients

Appointment Reminders and Patient Communication

Send automated appointment reminders to patients, reducing no-show rates and optimizing scheduling. Facilitate secure communication between patients and medical staff through channels like SMS, Voice Calls, and WhatsApp communications.

Medication and Emergency Notifications

Deliver personalized medication and treatment reminders to patients, ensuring adherence to healthcare plans. Disseminate critical information to staff and patients during emergencies, enhancing patient safety.

Telemedicine Integration and Swift Resolutions

Seamlessly integrate with telemedicine platforms for virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring. Provide rapid solutions to patients’ inquiries, regardless of time or location, through chatbots. Foster strong patient relationships and cultivate trust.

Prescription Updates and Feedback Collection

Automate prescription updates through SMS and WhatsApp, aiding patients in remembering dosages and timings. Prompt reminders for prescription refills are also sent when due. Automate post-appointment surveys by sending survey links to patients. Gather insights about your services and gauge satisfaction levels.