Enhance Student Engagement with CPaaS

Our unique and innovative solutions are customized to enhance the communication and engagement within the educational institutions and Ed-tech eco system. Through a variety of communication channels, deliver the important announcements, event notifications and academic updates.

Among our clients

Discover our secure CPaaS platform for efficient communication with students, teachers, and parents, ensuring timely updates on critical information.

Instant Notifications and Personalized Communication:

Reach students and parents promptly with time-sensitive updates, such as class schedules, exam results, and school events. Tailor messages to individual recipients, ensuring relevant and impactful communication.

Attendance, Reminders and Emergency Alerts:

Keep parents informed about attendance records and send timely reminders for assignments, tests, and parent-teacher meetings. Quickly disseminate critical information during emergencies, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Multi-Channel Reach, Data Security and Privacy:

Engage users through various channels like SMS, Voice Call, RCS, WhatsApp, and Push Notifications, catering to diverse preferences. Prioritize data security and privacy, adhering to regulatory requirements and best practices.

Feedback, Surveys and Integration Capabilities:

Gather valuable insights from stakeholders through surveys and feedback collection, contributing to continuous improvement. Seamlessly integrate with existing school management systems for a unified communication experience.